Friday, January 30, 2009

Buddy's Welcome Home Party

On our photo page on there is an album for Buddy's Welcome Home party. I thought I'd go into a little more detail about it...We have become friends with 2 gals from Tipton that own Traci and Tammy have really been a big help to us - they have taken our pics for the website and business cards!

We heard that Traci's husband was returning from a year tour in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard and she was trying to plan a welcome home party. Angie was talking to Traci as we were having our pics taken and Traci was commenting on how overwhelmed she was. In the next two weeks she had to plan the party, move into a new house, have 2Friends Christmas Open House, and had a lot of holiday pictures scheduled!

The four of us quickly had a powwow and decided to offer our services to Traci. She seemed relieved. She had already secured the building and knew that family was going to supply the food. She had a very small budget. We told her that we were donating our services because we admired Buddy's sacrifice for us.
We picked "Back Home Again in Indiana" as the theme for the night. We were able to have to cake and big banner donated also. The little banner was donated by Buddy's youngest sons' preschool class. We also printed up Indiana State Flags and the preschool class colored those for us also. We really accomplished staying on budget and returned almost half of Traci's money! It was a fun night and again, Thanks Buddy for your sacrifice of giving up a year with your family to protect our country!
Thank you card from Traci and Buddy...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Bridal Show 1-25-09

Sunday Jan 25th 2009
Muncie Bridal Show
Here are some pics of our table:

We had a hard time figuring out how to hang the banner and this is before we used our ingenunity and fixed it - but we love our banner!

Part of our table. We wanted to let the brides know that whatever they want, we can get it to them! So we had small displays of four different stlyes of weddings: Romantic, Sophisticated, Organic,and Contemporary. It's your plan, only absolutely effortless!

Our table seemed to be very popular and we met a lot of different brides. Some had over a year to plan, and some had only a couple of weeks. I hope that we communicated to them that we can tailor our packages for each one of them!

Thanks to Jenny's creativity, the Organic display was our most popular and the one display that made people stop to look! Again, sticking to our table theme: If you want cabbage as a centerpiece, then we will get you cabbage!"

We are officially Absolute Agenda!

We have officially become a company! We have business cards and a website!( Our website is looking great thanks to Brent Adams! A few more changes and it will be perfect!

Here is our bio from our webpage so you can get to know us a little better!

Absolute Agenda was founded in 2008 by three friends, Jenny Bockstahler, Angie Reynolds, and Erin Scott. Knowing each other since middle school has aided in easily becoming partners in a way that showcases each other’s strengths. Although each has a different career background, the three bring leadership, creativity, business acumen, and dedication to Absolute Agenda. All members have experience in planning friend and family events to business, political, and retail functions. We would love to use our combined drive, ambition, organizational skills, budget focus, and desire to make your event absolutely effortless!

We are so excited to have many opportunities to help you plan your events!
(I need to stop using "!" - I think I've ended every sentence with one!)