Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tips for adding creativity to your event

Wow...Absolute agenda is embarking on an incredible adventure! We have been able to do a lot of creative work lately and wanted to share a few ideas:

Theme - Start with an adjective and use a thesaurus to pick the perfect word for a theme or, start with a picture, or maybe a magazine clipping and let that define your theme.

Colors- If you started with a picture, this might be taken care of. If not, look at paint samples at your local hardward store for interesting combinations and trends.

Finally, it always helps to brainstorm with some friends! Of course, if you don't enjoy this part of the planning you can always hire us to do it for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking Back

I know that someday we will look back through our basket full of thank you notes and reminisce about the joy we found in planning special events. I imagine we will find many from the Brides, Grooms and other family members who felt their day was so special because of our attention to detail and understanding of their individual desires. I hope we find one from a long time group of friends, like ourselves, who decided to celebrate lavishly for no reason at all. I hope to have a note from an extended family reunion where we helped people reconnect and get to know each other. I hope to find one that reminds me of a person celebrating a very personal goal, like sobriety for 10 years, or a much needed divorce. I will hope to find a note from someone who is determined, from this point on, to never make the same mistake again. I hope we find one from a company that created culture change more easily through the help of a planned event. It may sound strange, but I also hope to find at least one from a funeral that helped the living find peace, and gave a rightful farewell to the deceased. I hope that in the years to come we can help you mark all of your amazing, life changing, moments, decisions, and events.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Party on Budget!

1. Tap your friends' talents
We usually think pot-luck here, but where else could you put your friends' talents to use?

2. Use a non-trademarked theme
Themes help focus your purchases and other decisions. Trademarked themes can be very expensive.

3. Offer fewer options
People are more relaxed when there are fewer choices to make and offering fewer choices can save you money.

4. Think a single signature drink etc.
Have a single course party
Just drinks, just dessert...keep in mind the fewer options part here too!

5. Think food extenders/dollar stretchers
Pasta, Rice and Potatoes have been used to extend food and money for centuries!

When all else fails, narrow the guest list.

~Planner Jen!

Such a cute, sweet treat!

Good's Candy Store was one of our favorite booths at the Anderson Bridal Show! They set up a camera and took pics of brides with grooms, moms, bridesmaids, etc and then printed up a label right on site and made a customized candy bar for each bride! Well of course we wanted in on the action also! What a nice customized idea for wedding or bridal shower favors! http://www.goodscandyshop.com/ YUMMY!!
~Planner Erin

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anderson Bridal Show March 1st 2009

We met so many awesome bride and grooms yesterday at the "The Wedding March" Bridal Show at Anderson!
We set up our table a little differently for this show and it turned out really nice again...
Our doorprize of a free engagement photo session for the bride and groom was generously donated by Dock's Photography! Brian and Michelle Dockery do an excellent job ~ check them out at http://www.docksphoto.com/! Sarah from Frankton was our lucky winner!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun with a Photo Booth!

Been awhile since we blogged! Sorry it took so long but this one is worth the wait. We tried out a photo booth last week and took a hilarious picture to go along with it. Visit our new friends at http://www.indyphotobooths.com/ to look around. We can't wait to book a photo booth for an upcoming reception or party. Have a laugh on us when you see our pic and think how much fun you could have at your event with one!! Talk Soon ~ Planner Angie