Friday, August 21, 2009

What an awesome thank you from Bride Megan!

We recieved this thank you note from Bride Megan today....We appreciate it!

"No words to explain how wonderful things looked! You ladies did such a fabulous job, I could never have come close to decorating it the way you did. I appreciate your hard work and I am so excited to so our pictures and video of the reception so I can see how everything looked from the outside looking in. The candy table was exactly how I wanted it, it was defiantely a big hit with the guests!!! Not having to worry about the decorating made me feel so much more at ease. Again, you ladies did a great job. Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!!"

Megan and Adrian Aul

Jen and I had such a fun day that day! Can't wait to do it again for another bride!

Details Diva ~Erin~
"Let's Plan This!"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adrian and Megan's Wedding!!

Adrian and Megan's Wedding!
Aug 2nd, 2009

Jenny and I just spent our Saturday decorating and designing for Adrian and Megan's Ceremony and Reception! It turned out so beautiful! Megan had designed a color scheme of a rich purple and fresh peach - She provided everything along with some of her ideas and visions and we executed it.

The reception was held at the Elks in Yorktown, IN - Here is a view of the whole room

Lazy Daisy of Yorktown arranged gorgeous centerpieces for the tables (they did the flowers for the ceremony also) - All in the rich purples and peaches that Megan requested - including exquisite peach peonies flown in from Ecuador!
Megan provided us linens and accessories for the head table and this is what Jenny and I designed and created...
We also customized the cake table to coordinate with the head table - The cake was baked by Under the Sun Bakery located in Frankton The three tiered cake in different shades of peach really popped on the rich purple satin! The cake topper was Adrian and Megan's monogram in gold letters with rhinestones!
I saved the best for last ~ THE CANDY BAR! YUMMY! Megan requested we design a candy bar using the candy and jars she provided - it turned out awesome!

I would like to thank Adrian and Megan for allowing us to be a part of their so special day! I hope you thought that everything turned out as beautiful as Jenny and I did! Congratulations again!

Details Diva (Erin)
"Let's Plan This!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planning a Summer Barbeque

Ahhhh....Summertime! You know what that means, fun festivals, summer weddings, outdoor concerts, fireworks and summer barbeques with friends and family.

Let's focus for a minute on the summer barbeque. Doesn't that make you think of sunshine, delicious smells and good food eaten in even better company?
Here's a few tips on planning and hosting a great outdoor barbeque!
  • Put together a rocking menu
  • Pick good cuts/quality meat
  • Pick a theme if you want; walk the aisles of your local party supply for ideas
  • Drinks: People are going to be thirsty make sure to offer lemonades, water, sodas, beer, wine coolers maybe even a fun signature drink
  • Do as much prep work as possible before the guests arrive, so you can chat too while the grill is fired up
  • Have ample seating available. Picnic tables are always fun for the kids
  • Have a back-up plan in case it rains, let guests know up front if you will need to reschedule if it rains or if they should plan to come rain or shine
  • Let your guests bring side dishes. This gives lots of variety. You might even get to try something you have never had before!
  • Have activities for kids. Bored kids will make their own fun and it might not be so fun for you.
  • Finally thank your guests for coming and mention that you'd love to have them back again

Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer!

Planner Angie AKA "WallStreet"

"Let's Budget This!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are nominated on the "A" List!

We are so excited!
Please vote for us!

The Best of "A" list is a list of businesses in the Indy area placed in different categories and a winner is picked by the most votes. We would love for you to vote for us as the best Event Planners!

Just click on this link and it will take you right to Absolute Agenda's voting page!

Let's Vote This!

~Details Diva (Erin)~

"Let's Plan This!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Attn Maid-of-Honors! Need help planning your Bridal Shower?

One of my strengths in Absolute Agenda is finalizing all the little details. Here's my tips on planning your Bridal Shower!

As the Maid-of-Honor you must be BFF with the Bride, or why else would she pick you?!!? :) So don't think of it as your obligation, think of it as throwing a party for your best friend! And who doesn't like a party?!?


  1. Ask the bride what kind of shower she wants! All women or Co-Ed? Spa or Tea Party? Themed or Formal? Customize it for your BFF!

  2. Set the date: usually 1-2 months ahead of the wedding. Be careful of holidays and guests travel time.

  3. Make reservations if needed (Restuarant, Spa, etc)

  4. Create the guest list with the Bride


  1. Send out "Save the Date" cards and call out of town guests to give them advance notice so that they can make travel plans.

  2. Set a budget (Include the bridesmaids to help with tasks and budget)

  3. Finalize theme and plan decor

  4. Order the cake/baked goods from bakery

  5. Create a menu


  1. Send out invitations (Don't forget to insert registry cards!)

  2. Finalize the menu

  3. Purchase decor and purchase a memory book for bride for shower

  4. Purchase favors for guests

  5. Assign tasks to bridesmaids


  1. Find your outfit for the shower

  2. Purchase your gift

  3. Begin to purchase items for the menus (especially hard to find items) and organize recipes if needed

  4. Pick up serving ware, punch bowls, etc if needed

  5. Place a flower order if desired

  6. Purchase alcohol if your are serving cocktails


  1. Confirm reservations and RSVPs

  2. Assemble decor and favors if needed

  3. Purchase any food items still needed

  4. Prepare shower games and activities (if needed)


  1. Prepare any food items that can be prepared ahead of time

  2. Touch base with bridesmaids and their tasks

  3. Run last minute errands

  4. Organize and place shower items in car if going to another location. If shower is at your house, begin decorating


  1. Finish preparing food

  2. Decorate and lay out the favors, flowers, food, and drinks

  3. Locate and prepare a gift area for guests to place gifts when they arrive

  4. Be ready to greet guests at least 30 minutes prior to the shower

  5. Breathe and enjoy the party with your BFF!
Take pride in the fact that you are planning a very special day for a beloved friend! Have fun and be creative! Remember it's the little details that are most noticed and treasured!

~Detail Diva (Erin)~
"Let's Plan This!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you Cool?

A better question would be "how are you going to keep your guests cool this summer at your event?"

Picture this, your event is set to go. The food is perfect, the dance floor looks great, the centerpieces are fabulous, your guests arrive wearing their trendy best. Everything is perfect at the arrival and then it starts getting hot,
too hot and guests are fanning and blotting and looking at their watches. Nothing can kill your outdoor event faster than the hotness factor. Follow me as I list some rules for keeping your tented event cool this summer.

Coolness rule #1 Every 100 square feet of tent requires 1 ton of cooling. As an example if you have a 40x60 tent you would need a 25-ton cooling unit. You will need to consider the number of guests and the amount of lighting you plan to use also. These factors can increase the need for more A/C.

Coolness rule #2 Be prepared to pay approximately $1 to $2 per square foot of tent space for A/C

Coolness rule #3 Be sure to visit the A/C provider's showroom and ask questions. You want to know how potential problems are going to be handled. Will a tech be on site for the event, or will you have to contact them and wait for arrival if something goes wrong.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing your tent for a summer event: Look for a sidewall that has a seal and tent doors instead of flaps or openings, this will keep cool air in and help keep heat out. Air conditioning in a tent can’t be seen, but if it’s too hot or cold in the tent during your event, it’s the only thing your guests are going to remember. Don’t make the mistake of not budgeting or under budgeting for it.
Play it cool this summer!
Planner Angie

Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Perfect Tan for Down the Aisle.

Now it is time for that perfect tan. But most brides aren't familiar with tanning. And you don't want to look like a lobster on the day of your wedding. So what is a bride to do? Simple, try a spray on tan to get your base going and then start going to a tanning bed. Here is what you need to do. About 2 months prior to the wedding you want to start consistently exfoliating your skin and hydrating it with a good healthy lotion. After about a week of this then you can use a micro-mist self tanning spray. Use the spray about 2-3 times a week. Start out with shade #2 and then bump up to #3. Also start your tanning sessions by going for 5 minutes for a week then each week bump it up 5 more minutes until you are up to 20 minutes per session. With the combination of the tanning spray and the tanning sessions your tan will be flawless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Green it Like you Mean it...

Green. Everyone is doing it. Do you feel like you should be too??

Pinching pennies, streamlining budgets and looking for ways to re-use and be organic are thoughts many of us have when planning an event.

There are several ways to be earth friendly while staying within budget for your corporate or private event. First skip the traditional paper invitations and corporate literature and go online instead. You can save hundreds of dollars on paper, stamps, ink and envelopes by going online.

For decor use potted plants that can be taken home as a favor by guests or re-used for another event.

For food, going organic for your menu doesn't mean you have to bust your food budget. Choose budget friendly veggie and poultry dishes. Also fore go the plastic water bottles and use filtered water in carafes. If you are offering bar drinks at your event there are many companies making organic alcohol available.

In the end the misconception is that being green will cost more than not. But actually you can cut costs and be green. Ethically we can't afford to not go green.

So for your next corporate of private event consider talking with Absolute Agenda to green it like you mean it!!

Planner Angie

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ambient Lighting Can Help Set the Mood...

Let's talk about Ambient Lighting! The definition of ambient lighting is: Ambient lighting is diffused light (often colored, using "gels") that sets the mood of a room or outdoor area and provides basic illumination over a broad area, often adding a decorative touch, and very often as "uplighting."

We love uplighting and mood lighting! It really creates atmosphere around a room or outdoor area and it can really be customized for your theme. Just by adding one uplight in each corner of the room or around landscaping outside it can totally change the look of an area. Add a colored gel to the light and the room can be transformed to match the mood of your event!

Here are a few pics to demonstrate the difference that ambient lighting can do for your event!



Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tips for adding creativity to your event

Wow...Absolute agenda is embarking on an incredible adventure! We have been able to do a lot of creative work lately and wanted to share a few ideas:

Theme - Start with an adjective and use a thesaurus to pick the perfect word for a theme or, start with a picture, or maybe a magazine clipping and let that define your theme.

Colors- If you started with a picture, this might be taken care of. If not, look at paint samples at your local hardward store for interesting combinations and trends.

Finally, it always helps to brainstorm with some friends! Of course, if you don't enjoy this part of the planning you can always hire us to do it for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking Back

I know that someday we will look back through our basket full of thank you notes and reminisce about the joy we found in planning special events. I imagine we will find many from the Brides, Grooms and other family members who felt their day was so special because of our attention to detail and understanding of their individual desires. I hope we find one from a long time group of friends, like ourselves, who decided to celebrate lavishly for no reason at all. I hope to have a note from an extended family reunion where we helped people reconnect and get to know each other. I hope to find one that reminds me of a person celebrating a very personal goal, like sobriety for 10 years, or a much needed divorce. I will hope to find a note from someone who is determined, from this point on, to never make the same mistake again. I hope we find one from a company that created culture change more easily through the help of a planned event. It may sound strange, but I also hope to find at least one from a funeral that helped the living find peace, and gave a rightful farewell to the deceased. I hope that in the years to come we can help you mark all of your amazing, life changing, moments, decisions, and events.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Party on Budget!

1. Tap your friends' talents
We usually think pot-luck here, but where else could you put your friends' talents to use?

2. Use a non-trademarked theme
Themes help focus your purchases and other decisions. Trademarked themes can be very expensive.

3. Offer fewer options
People are more relaxed when there are fewer choices to make and offering fewer choices can save you money.

4. Think a single signature drink etc.
Have a single course party
Just drinks, just dessert...keep in mind the fewer options part here too!

5. Think food extenders/dollar stretchers
Pasta, Rice and Potatoes have been used to extend food and money for centuries!

When all else fails, narrow the guest list.

~Planner Jen!

Such a cute, sweet treat!

Good's Candy Store was one of our favorite booths at the Anderson Bridal Show! They set up a camera and took pics of brides with grooms, moms, bridesmaids, etc and then printed up a label right on site and made a customized candy bar for each bride! Well of course we wanted in on the action also! What a nice customized idea for wedding or bridal shower favors! YUMMY!!
~Planner Erin

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anderson Bridal Show March 1st 2009

We met so many awesome bride and grooms yesterday at the "The Wedding March" Bridal Show at Anderson!
We set up our table a little differently for this show and it turned out really nice again...
Our doorprize of a free engagement photo session for the bride and groom was generously donated by Dock's Photography! Brian and Michelle Dockery do an excellent job ~ check them out at! Sarah from Frankton was our lucky winner!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun with a Photo Booth!

Been awhile since we blogged! Sorry it took so long but this one is worth the wait. We tried out a photo booth last week and took a hilarious picture to go along with it. Visit our new friends at to look around. We can't wait to book a photo booth for an upcoming reception or party. Have a laugh on us when you see our pic and think how much fun you could have at your event with one!! Talk Soon ~ Planner Angie

Friday, January 30, 2009

Buddy's Welcome Home Party

On our photo page on there is an album for Buddy's Welcome Home party. I thought I'd go into a little more detail about it...We have become friends with 2 gals from Tipton that own Traci and Tammy have really been a big help to us - they have taken our pics for the website and business cards!

We heard that Traci's husband was returning from a year tour in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard and she was trying to plan a welcome home party. Angie was talking to Traci as we were having our pics taken and Traci was commenting on how overwhelmed she was. In the next two weeks she had to plan the party, move into a new house, have 2Friends Christmas Open House, and had a lot of holiday pictures scheduled!

The four of us quickly had a powwow and decided to offer our services to Traci. She seemed relieved. She had already secured the building and knew that family was going to supply the food. She had a very small budget. We told her that we were donating our services because we admired Buddy's sacrifice for us.
We picked "Back Home Again in Indiana" as the theme for the night. We were able to have to cake and big banner donated also. The little banner was donated by Buddy's youngest sons' preschool class. We also printed up Indiana State Flags and the preschool class colored those for us also. We really accomplished staying on budget and returned almost half of Traci's money! It was a fun night and again, Thanks Buddy for your sacrifice of giving up a year with your family to protect our country!
Thank you card from Traci and Buddy...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Bridal Show 1-25-09

Sunday Jan 25th 2009
Muncie Bridal Show
Here are some pics of our table:

We had a hard time figuring out how to hang the banner and this is before we used our ingenunity and fixed it - but we love our banner!

Part of our table. We wanted to let the brides know that whatever they want, we can get it to them! So we had small displays of four different stlyes of weddings: Romantic, Sophisticated, Organic,and Contemporary. It's your plan, only absolutely effortless!

Our table seemed to be very popular and we met a lot of different brides. Some had over a year to plan, and some had only a couple of weeks. I hope that we communicated to them that we can tailor our packages for each one of them!

Thanks to Jenny's creativity, the Organic display was our most popular and the one display that made people stop to look! Again, sticking to our table theme: If you want cabbage as a centerpiece, then we will get you cabbage!"

We are officially Absolute Agenda!

We have officially become a company! We have business cards and a website!( Our website is looking great thanks to Brent Adams! A few more changes and it will be perfect!

Here is our bio from our webpage so you can get to know us a little better!

Absolute Agenda was founded in 2008 by three friends, Jenny Bockstahler, Angie Reynolds, and Erin Scott. Knowing each other since middle school has aided in easily becoming partners in a way that showcases each other’s strengths. Although each has a different career background, the three bring leadership, creativity, business acumen, and dedication to Absolute Agenda. All members have experience in planning friend and family events to business, political, and retail functions. We would love to use our combined drive, ambition, organizational skills, budget focus, and desire to make your event absolutely effortless!

We are so excited to have many opportunities to help you plan your events!
(I need to stop using "!" - I think I've ended every sentence with one!)