Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planning a Summer Barbeque

Ahhhh....Summertime! You know what that means, fun festivals, summer weddings, outdoor concerts, fireworks and summer barbeques with friends and family.

Let's focus for a minute on the summer barbeque. Doesn't that make you think of sunshine, delicious smells and good food eaten in even better company?
Here's a few tips on planning and hosting a great outdoor barbeque!
  • Put together a rocking menu
  • Pick good cuts/quality meat
  • Pick a theme if you want; walk the aisles of your local party supply for ideas
  • Drinks: People are going to be thirsty make sure to offer lemonades, water, sodas, beer, wine coolers maybe even a fun signature drink
  • Do as much prep work as possible before the guests arrive, so you can chat too while the grill is fired up
  • Have ample seating available. Picnic tables are always fun for the kids
  • Have a back-up plan in case it rains, let guests know up front if you will need to reschedule if it rains or if they should plan to come rain or shine
  • Let your guests bring side dishes. This gives lots of variety. You might even get to try something you have never had before!
  • Have activities for kids. Bored kids will make their own fun and it might not be so fun for you.
  • Finally thank your guests for coming and mention that you'd love to have them back again

Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer!

Planner Angie AKA "WallStreet"

"Let's Budget This!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are nominated on the "A" List!

We are so excited!
Please vote for us!

The Best of TheIndyChannel.com "A" list is a list of businesses in the Indy area placed in different categories and a winner is picked by the most votes. We would love for you to vote for us as the best Event Planners!

Just click on this link and it will take you right to Absolute Agenda's voting page!

Let's Vote This!

~Details Diva (Erin)~

"Let's Plan This!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Attn Maid-of-Honors! Need help planning your Bridal Shower?

One of my strengths in Absolute Agenda is finalizing all the little details. Here's my tips on planning your Bridal Shower!

As the Maid-of-Honor you must be BFF with the Bride, or why else would she pick you?!!? :) So don't think of it as your obligation, think of it as throwing a party for your best friend! And who doesn't like a party?!?


  1. Ask the bride what kind of shower she wants! All women or Co-Ed? Spa or Tea Party? Themed or Formal? Customize it for your BFF!

  2. Set the date: usually 1-2 months ahead of the wedding. Be careful of holidays and guests travel time.

  3. Make reservations if needed (Restuarant, Spa, etc)

  4. Create the guest list with the Bride


  1. Send out "Save the Date" cards and call out of town guests to give them advance notice so that they can make travel plans.

  2. Set a budget (Include the bridesmaids to help with tasks and budget)

  3. Finalize theme and plan decor

  4. Order the cake/baked goods from bakery

  5. Create a menu


  1. Send out invitations (Don't forget to insert registry cards!)

  2. Finalize the menu

  3. Purchase decor and purchase a memory book for bride for shower

  4. Purchase favors for guests

  5. Assign tasks to bridesmaids


  1. Find your outfit for the shower

  2. Purchase your gift

  3. Begin to purchase items for the menus (especially hard to find items) and organize recipes if needed

  4. Pick up serving ware, punch bowls, etc if needed

  5. Place a flower order if desired

  6. Purchase alcohol if your are serving cocktails


  1. Confirm reservations and RSVPs

  2. Assemble decor and favors if needed

  3. Purchase any food items still needed

  4. Prepare shower games and activities (if needed)


  1. Prepare any food items that can be prepared ahead of time

  2. Touch base with bridesmaids and their tasks

  3. Run last minute errands

  4. Organize and place shower items in car if going to another location. If shower is at your house, begin decorating


  1. Finish preparing food

  2. Decorate and lay out the favors, flowers, food, and drinks

  3. Locate and prepare a gift area for guests to place gifts when they arrive

  4. Be ready to greet guests at least 30 minutes prior to the shower

  5. Breathe and enjoy the party with your BFF!
Take pride in the fact that you are planning a very special day for a beloved friend! Have fun and be creative! Remember it's the little details that are most noticed and treasured!

~Detail Diva (Erin)~
"Let's Plan This!"