Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you Cool?

A better question would be "how are you going to keep your guests cool this summer at your event?"

Picture this, your event is set to go. The food is perfect, the dance floor looks great, the centerpieces are fabulous, your guests arrive wearing their trendy best. Everything is perfect at the arrival and then it starts getting hot,
too hot and guests are fanning and blotting and looking at their watches. Nothing can kill your outdoor event faster than the hotness factor. Follow me as I list some rules for keeping your tented event cool this summer.

Coolness rule #1 Every 100 square feet of tent requires 1 ton of cooling. As an example if you have a 40x60 tent you would need a 25-ton cooling unit. You will need to consider the number of guests and the amount of lighting you plan to use also. These factors can increase the need for more A/C.

Coolness rule #2 Be prepared to pay approximately $1 to $2 per square foot of tent space for A/C

Coolness rule #3 Be sure to visit the A/C provider's showroom and ask questions. You want to know how potential problems are going to be handled. Will a tech be on site for the event, or will you have to contact them and wait for arrival if something goes wrong.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing your tent for a summer event: Look for a sidewall that has a seal and tent doors instead of flaps or openings, this will keep cool air in and help keep heat out. Air conditioning in a tent can’t be seen, but if it’s too hot or cold in the tent during your event, it’s the only thing your guests are going to remember. Don’t make the mistake of not budgeting or under budgeting for it.
Play it cool this summer!
Planner Angie