Saturday, May 15, 2010

The life of an event planner baseball mom...

My life is now revolving around tee ball and coach pitch baseball for the next 2 months! My two sons are 5 & 7 and love it! You may be thinking "Why is this blog related to Absolute Agenda?"

Well, I am beginning my 2nd year on the board for our baseball/softball league. Along with 12 other people, we meet at least 2 times a month to plan our season and upkeep the ball fields. My role is the concession stand. I have to stay with a budget, plan what food needs to be bought, prepare the food, create menus and schedules, organize parent volunteers, & quickly train them and work alongside the volunteers. It is a challenge. I think it is more challenging than a wedding at times! haha! But at the end of the night when I say goodbye to hard working parent volunteers and look back as I turn the lights off, I think of all the cheers I heard as the players rounded the bases, the chanting of outfielders to the batters, and the smiling kids when they come up to get their post-game drinks and I realize it is all worth it. What my children learn on that field will stay with them for the rest of their lives: teamwork, dedication, winning, losing, accomplishment, encourgement, compromise, & respect.

Funny thing is...As an event planner I think those same words can apply to the couple as they drive away to their honeymoon and begin their new life together or they can apply to a business team after a team building event as they return to work, etc...
Anyone ready to play ball?!
~Planner Erin~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mint Juleps, Magnificent Hats, Red Roses, & the Race of a Lifetime......

Just for fun!
Two years ago I walked in my first 1/2 marathon. It was in Louisville, KY and it was the weekend before the Kentucky Derby ~ What an awesome weekend! One of my favorite memories during the 13.1 miles was entering Churchill Downs and walking around the track. It was so beautiful ~ the green grass, the dirt track, the white steeples! I remember admiring all the magnificent hats worn by so many ladies that were also guests in our hotel. So in honor of this coming weekend here are some pictures to get you in the mood for the Kentucky Derby...anybody want a Mint Julep?

~Planner Erin~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do you remember what were the top trends for wedding gowns in 2010?

Earlier this year we blogged on the top trends of 2010. Here is a video to help you visualize the top trends with the Wedding Gown that were mentioned in the blog: feathers, strapless, and big bows! Beautiful gowns! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Fountain of Wishes"

Absolute Agenda is proud to present “Fountain of Wishes”, a complete Wedding Reception package! We have partnered with The Atlanta Banquet Hall and our Elite Vendors to provide Brides and Grooms with an elegant, contemporary, and custom-designed Wedding Reception in an affordable package.

The “Fountain of Wishes” includes:

  • Swanky and Urban Reception Space with room for 250 Guests
  • Reception Designed and Arranged by Absolute Agenda
  • Full Buffet or Social Reception prepared by Culinary Artist
  • Extensive Photography Package from Engagement to Reception
  • Lavishly Designed Wedding Cake
  • Elegant Custom Floral for Ceremony and Reception
  • Professional DJ and Sound System

Each couple also has the opportunity to add Enhancements to their package!
  • Arrive in Style...Take Train from Noblesville or Fishers to Atlanta Banquet Hall
  • Bartender Services with Beverage Options
  • Capture your Memories with a Videographer Package
  • Ceremony and Rehearsal Coordination with Absolute Agenda Planners
  • Add Personal Design Touches, Chair Sashes, Upgrade Linens, and Lighted Monograms

“Fountain of Wishes” starts at only $9995!

Contact Absolute Agenda today to schedule your consultation! We are so excited to begin designing your "Fountain of Wishes"!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rock Out with Hannah/Miley!!

"Every Girl's Dream Birthday Party!"

  • Hannah/Miley Impersonator

  • 1 Hour Concert with "Hannah/Miley" & 2 Backup Dancers

  • Signed photos for 25 child birthday guests

  • Birthday gift to Birthday Girl from "Hannah"

  • 2 dances taught to party guests

  • Meet and mingle time with "Hannah"

  • Special sing along with "Hannah" for the Birthday Girl...if she isn't shy!

  • Table decor brought and setup by Absolute Agenda, LLC Planners

  • Party Theme is Miley's favorite colors: Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Purple!

  • Party supplies: Premuim plates, cups, napkins & forks (for 50 guests)

  • Custom table decor package...includes tabelcovers, placemats, table runner, table decor/decorations (similar to photo)

  • 2 Balloon bouquets

  • Tear down post-party included

  • 1 Party Themed birthday cake (you choose from 3 designs) serves 50 (to share with parents/guests)

  • 1 Cake Table provided with tablecloth and decor

  • Goody bags with Miley's favorite candies for 25 children
Entire package for only $795!!
*Deposit required

Want the party even more fabulous?! Add on these packages!
*Mini Rockstar Makeovers: Glitter hair spray, lip gloss, bead necklaces, and temporary tatoos ~ $100 (25 guests)

*Paparazzi Photo Package: Package includes a professional Photographer from Dock's Photography, Full photo coverage of birthday party from start to end. Meet and Greet: VIP pictures with Hannah/Miley Impersonator. Following the party each guest will be mailed a 5x7 of herself with "Hannah". The Birthday Girl with receive a Storybook Photo album with captured images from the party! ~ $279

*Catering packages and pricing available upon request

"Rock Out to Hannah/Miley" presented by Absolute Agenda, LLC
For More Information or to Book Your Birthday Party Package contact:
Angie (317) 385-0937 or

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Invitations 2010 ~ 6 of the Best Ideas

Are you a style-conscious celebrity watcher, eager to catch the newest trend in wedding gowns? Do you scour bridal mags looking for the best fashion forward ideas? Fashionistas everywhere know that stylish wedding invitation ideas are just as important as the wedding favors or the floral arrangements.

Look for these top trends in the best wedding invitations for 2010:

*Mix-n-Match - The go-to fashion for the New Year is fast becoming coordinating bridesmaids dresses. Reflect this in your invites by using mix-n-match stationery. For instance, use a solid-colored invitation with a fun striped or patterned reply card. Another option is to mix and match colors in opposite colors of the spectrum or by using coordinating shades. If you're into DIY, consider seeking out mix and match kits which will allow you to customize your invitation ideas. Mix and match invitations and invitation kits can be found easily through online wedding suppliers.

*Splash 'em with color - Lately stylish brides have been spicing up the traditional white wedding gown with flashes of color. If you're choosing this bridal runway-inspired style, let your stationery follow suit. Try an ivory or white invitation edged in a color that matches your bridal gown highlight color.

*Be green - Whether you're an honest-to-goodness tree hugger or a woman who just wants to make a difference in the environment, some of the best wedding invitations for 2010 are eco-friendly. From paper made with up to 100% recycled products to invites embedded with seeds that can be planted in your guests' gardens, it's possible to find invites that are easy on the eyes--and easy on the earth.

*Go neutral - One of the hottest new trends in wedding stationery is using metallics as neutral colors. Earthy bronzes, elegant platinums, and opulent golds are guaranteed to add shimmer and shine to fashion-forward invites. Wow your guests with shimmery, silvery paper or classic golden borders.

*Custom wedding stationery - Some of the best wedding invitations for 2010 are customized invites that let your personality shine through. By working with a wedding stationery specialist, you can customize invites, from selecting your own font and ink colors to one-of-a-kind images.

*Frugal is fashionable - DIY kits are a top wedding invitation idea trend, allowing brides to print invites or other matching cards, such as thank yous, on high-quality paper using a home computer. You'll save a few bucks on printing and, as a bonus, will have complete control over how the invites look.

Remember, it's not worth letting your quest for style get in the way of your wedding day. Ultimately, the best wedding invitations for your ceremony are the ones you like. So find wedding invitations that match your own personal taste and style.

***I found this great article online and thought I would share! Invitations are one of my favorite parts of planning a wedding. Remember it's the first thing that your family and friends see that gives them a sneak peek into your wedding day. Take your time and find the perfect one to represent your special day!

Details Diva ~ Erin
"Let's Plan This!"
Rose Watson writes about and reviews wedding invitations so that you can find the perfect wedding invitation to suit your style. Check out her recommendations, tips and more wedding invitation articles at:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses: Top 3 Trends for 2010

Of course the Bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but she wants her attendants to look their best too! What are the top trends for bridemaids dresses this year?!? Let's find out!

1. One Shoulder Dresses
If the Bride wants a more modern and urban look, she may chose a one shoulder dress for herself. The 2010 trend is for the bridesmaids' dresses to have one shoulder also, but the opposite shoulder than the bride. These dresses can be found in both mini and full lengths.

2. The Ruffled Mini-Dress
The ruffles are making a comeback but in a Mini Dress in 2010. The dresses can be adorned with ruffles at the hemline or the waist. The full skirt is flattering on different body types making it easy to find the same dress for the bridal party. The Mini-Dress is fun to do in bright and sassy colors!
3. The Sleeveless Lame Dress
A sleek and sophisticated A-line gown that ties at the waist and is designed in eye-catching lame fabric. These dresses are appearing in boat-neck, deep v-neck and square neck designs in a multitude of colors.

In 2010 the top two lengths for bridesmaid dresses are cocktail and full length. Many brides also allow each bridesmaid to chose a dress that fits their body types but are in the same color pallate. Color is always a top trend, but as mentioned in a previous blog black is becoming more and more popular!
Details Diva ~ Erin
"Let's Plan This!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

What Days NOT to schedule your wedding.....

Ever wonder what days to avoid when you are trying to schedule your wedding? It's hard enough to plan around the couple's family and friends and now you have to think about days like the super bowl, Easter, or even Friday the 13th??

Here are some suggestions for days to avoid in 2010: (I think there are always exceptions to every "rule" - so if one of these days had significance to you then by all means - go for it! The people that are closest to you will come regardless.)

SuperBowl Sunday Feb 7, 2010
Memorial Day May 31, 2010
July 4, 2010
Thanksgiving Nov 25, 2010
Friday the 13th August 13, 2010
April Fools Day April 1, 2010
Final Four April 3 & 5th, 2010
Christmas Dec 25, 2010

If you are thinking about having your wedding in a church or synogogue you may have to plan around holidays such as Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas. Three day weekends are sometimes to be avoided - unless you have many people that will need to travel to your wedding, then a three day weekend will allow them more time to travel.

For a more complete list of religious holidays and dates to avoid check out this article:

Need help? Contact us and we will get our calendars out and plan your perfect weekend!

Details Diva ~ Erin
"Let's Plan This!"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gobos and Pinspoting & the #1 Top Trend!!!

Lighting! Couples are realizing that small things created with special lighting creates something that enhances their event! LED lighting, uplighting, pinspoting (spotlight each centerpiece), and gobos (monograms or shapes that create a 3-D effect) are a just a few to mention. Working with a lighting specialist is essential in creating your design!

and drumroll please................................
The Dress!
First trend is having two dresses! Classy for the ceremony and sassy for the reception! The picture belows showcases a gown that converts into the reception dress...
Feathers, strapless, and big bows will be popular in 2010. But the top trend of 2010 for the wedding dress is adding color to it! No more of the plain white or ivory. Splash a bit of color with a colored sash or embroidery. Red and Black seem to be the most popular colors, but encorporating your colors can be easily added too.

Can't wait to see each of these trends this year! 2010 is going to be so exciting!
Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This!"

Something New, Borrowed,Old, and.......*Say Cheese!*

What color is most popular this season? Blue! Sometimes just a hint and sometimes a saturation. What shade of blue? Anything....from a soft sky blue to a deep cobalt blue.

Other hot colors trends:
Monochromatic themes (different shades of the same color)
Vibrant colors: orange, green, pink, and yellow
Metallic hues: gold, silver, copper, and pewter
and Black is the "new Black" - something that used to not be proper at a wedding is quickly becoming one of the more accepted.

Capturing those great memories is a higher priority for most brides and grooms this year. Spending more of the budget on a great photographer and finding creative methods of making great memories. From themed engagement pictures to photo booths at the reception. So allow a little more money and find your own personalized way to capture your special day!
Top 2 trends of 2010 next!
Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This!"

Friday, January 8, 2010

The "Green" Wedding & The Candy Bar

Recycling and the "green" wedding. Need ideas on how to have an eco-friendly wedding? Choose invitations using recycled paper. Donate your wedding flowers to a church after the wedding. Make arrangements with a shelter for the leftover food from dinner. Plan an outdoor wedding using less electricity than a church. Get creative and help save the Earth!
Something that is becoming increasingly popular is the Candy Bar. This is bringing back the wedding favor to your guests, but in such a fun and personalized way! You can coordinate candy with the wedding colors, pick only the favorite candy of the bride and groom, or have a retro candy theme. The possibilities are limitless and allow the guests to take home a memento of your special day!

What's left?!?! Hint....color, color, color!
Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This"

Yummy Buttercream and Sassy Birdcage Veils...

Buttercream edges out fondant. New techniques by experienced cake artists allow brides to chose buttercream over fondant without losing design and definitely winning on taste!
The birdcage veil. A sassy smaller veil that just covers the face. It can be basic or embellished. Add a feather, flower, or pendant to personalize it for your wedding. Drew Barrymore just wore one on the runway to one of her movie premieres. I love these little veils!

Think GREEN for the next mini blog.......

Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Top 10 of 2010!

Wow, it's been a while since we've blogged.....I say we bring in the new decade with a couple of blogs about the wedding trends of 2010 ~ The Top 10 of 2010!

A new trend for this year for weddings is live streaming. This is accomplished online thru a host site that will enable out of town family and friends to view their loved ones wedding live anywhere in the world!
Limosusines, horse-drawn carriages, and luxury cars will stay the most popular for wedding transportation. But the bride and groom who want to make more of a statement in 2010 will consider a more unique way to make a grand entrance or exit. Some examples? How about hopping on a Harley and riding into the sunset? How about a bicycle built for two? or How about leaving your reception waving to your family and friends while floating away in a hot air balloon?

More 2010 trends coming soon.......Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This"