Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses: Top 3 Trends for 2010

Of course the Bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but she wants her attendants to look their best too! What are the top trends for bridemaids dresses this year?!? Let's find out!

1. One Shoulder Dresses
If the Bride wants a more modern and urban look, she may chose a one shoulder dress for herself. The 2010 trend is for the bridesmaids' dresses to have one shoulder also, but the opposite shoulder than the bride. These dresses can be found in both mini and full lengths.

2. The Ruffled Mini-Dress
The ruffles are making a comeback but in a Mini Dress in 2010. The dresses can be adorned with ruffles at the hemline or the waist. The full skirt is flattering on different body types making it easy to find the same dress for the bridal party. The Mini-Dress is fun to do in bright and sassy colors!
3. The Sleeveless Lame Dress
A sleek and sophisticated A-line gown that ties at the waist and is designed in eye-catching lame fabric. These dresses are appearing in boat-neck, deep v-neck and square neck designs in a multitude of colors.

In 2010 the top two lengths for bridesmaid dresses are cocktail and full length. Many brides also allow each bridesmaid to chose a dress that fits their body types but are in the same color pallate. Color is always a top trend, but as mentioned in a previous blog black is becoming more and more popular!
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