Friday, January 15, 2010

What Days NOT to schedule your wedding.....

Ever wonder what days to avoid when you are trying to schedule your wedding? It's hard enough to plan around the couple's family and friends and now you have to think about days like the super bowl, Easter, or even Friday the 13th??

Here are some suggestions for days to avoid in 2010: (I think there are always exceptions to every "rule" - so if one of these days had significance to you then by all means - go for it! The people that are closest to you will come regardless.)

SuperBowl Sunday Feb 7, 2010
Memorial Day May 31, 2010
July 4, 2010
Thanksgiving Nov 25, 2010
Friday the 13th August 13, 2010
April Fools Day April 1, 2010
Final Four April 3 & 5th, 2010
Christmas Dec 25, 2010

If you are thinking about having your wedding in a church or synogogue you may have to plan around holidays such as Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas. Three day weekends are sometimes to be avoided - unless you have many people that will need to travel to your wedding, then a three day weekend will allow them more time to travel.

For a more complete list of religious holidays and dates to avoid check out this article:

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