Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gobos and Pinspoting & the #1 Top Trend!!!

Lighting! Couples are realizing that small things created with special lighting creates something that enhances their event! LED lighting, uplighting, pinspoting (spotlight each centerpiece), and gobos (monograms or shapes that create a 3-D effect) are a just a few to mention. Working with a lighting specialist is essential in creating your design!

and drumroll please................................
The Dress!
First trend is having two dresses! Classy for the ceremony and sassy for the reception! The picture belows showcases a gown that converts into the reception dress...
Feathers, strapless, and big bows will be popular in 2010. But the top trend of 2010 for the wedding dress is adding color to it! No more of the plain white or ivory. Splash a bit of color with a colored sash or embroidery. Red and Black seem to be the most popular colors, but encorporating your colors can be easily added too.

Can't wait to see each of these trends this year! 2010 is going to be so exciting!
Details Diva ~ Erin "Let's Plan This!"

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