Saturday, May 15, 2010

The life of an event planner baseball mom...

My life is now revolving around tee ball and coach pitch baseball for the next 2 months! My two sons are 5 & 7 and love it! You may be thinking "Why is this blog related to Absolute Agenda?"

Well, I am beginning my 2nd year on the board for our baseball/softball league. Along with 12 other people, we meet at least 2 times a month to plan our season and upkeep the ball fields. My role is the concession stand. I have to stay with a budget, plan what food needs to be bought, prepare the food, create menus and schedules, organize parent volunteers, & quickly train them and work alongside the volunteers. It is a challenge. I think it is more challenging than a wedding at times! haha! But at the end of the night when I say goodbye to hard working parent volunteers and look back as I turn the lights off, I think of all the cheers I heard as the players rounded the bases, the chanting of outfielders to the batters, and the smiling kids when they come up to get their post-game drinks and I realize it is all worth it. What my children learn on that field will stay with them for the rest of their lives: teamwork, dedication, winning, losing, accomplishment, encourgement, compromise, & respect.

Funny thing is...As an event planner I think those same words can apply to the couple as they drive away to their honeymoon and begin their new life together or they can apply to a business team after a team building event as they return to work, etc...
Anyone ready to play ball?!
~Planner Erin~