Monday, April 20, 2009

Green it Like you Mean it...

Green. Everyone is doing it. Do you feel like you should be too??

Pinching pennies, streamlining budgets and looking for ways to re-use and be organic are thoughts many of us have when planning an event.

There are several ways to be earth friendly while staying within budget for your corporate or private event. First skip the traditional paper invitations and corporate literature and go online instead. You can save hundreds of dollars on paper, stamps, ink and envelopes by going online.

For decor use potted plants that can be taken home as a favor by guests or re-used for another event.

For food, going organic for your menu doesn't mean you have to bust your food budget. Choose budget friendly veggie and poultry dishes. Also fore go the plastic water bottles and use filtered water in carafes. If you are offering bar drinks at your event there are many companies making organic alcohol available.

In the end the misconception is that being green will cost more than not. But actually you can cut costs and be green. Ethically we can't afford to not go green.

So for your next corporate of private event consider talking with Absolute Agenda to green it like you mean it!!

Planner Angie

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